Amateur Night: Home Movies from American Archives


Produced and Directed by Dwight Swanson

Title Sequence designed by Kerry Laitala

Opening and closing music by Lylas

Additional music by 4 Five VI and Rachel Grimes

Production Coordinator ~ Diana Little, Cineric, Inc.


Ruta Abolins
Liz Coffey
Margie Compton
Paul Eisloeffel
Karen Glynn
Steve Greene
Haden Guest
May Haduong
Kirston Johnson
Lynne Kirste
Sibel Melik
Stephen Parr
Gemma Perretta
Greg Pierce
Rich Pontius
Bradley Reeves
Sharon Rivo
Melissa Salazar
Amy Sloper
Louisa Trott
Jill Vuchetich
Nancy Watrous
David Weiss

Sound recording

Claire Huie

René Pinnell

Mark Rance

Peter Sheffer

Sound editing

Robert Salyer

Soundtrack by Chace Audio

Thanks to

Jennifer Accardo
Andre Basso
Andrew T. Betzer
Fran Bowen
Paolo Cherchi Usai
Paul Gailiunas
Rachel Grimes
Hap Harris
Bob Heiber
Bohdan Hilash
Kelli Hix
Martha Kelly
Jeff Lambert
Andrew Lampert
Linda Margolin
Michael Neault
Balázs Nyari
Kimie Ouchi
Jimmy Pickens
János Pilényi
Mary Reed
Ariel Saulog
Adam Wangerin
The Haghefilm Foundation

Funding provided by the National Film Preservation Foundation and the Louis B. Mayer Foundation

Film stock courtesy of Kodak

Special Thanks to Cineric

Without their generous contribution, this project would not have been possible

© 2010

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